First China Flexpat MeetUp Shanghai

First China Flexpat MeetUp Shanghai

A China flexpat is a flexible expat who wants to live and have more than one job in China and is interested in China's business world, culture, people, and language.

The First China Flexpat MeetUp Shanghai was held on June 14th, at the Conrad Hotel in Puxi. The event aimed to provide a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect, share experiences, and foster a strong flexpat community in the Greater Shanghai Area. Organized by the China Flexpat Podcast, the meeting attracted over 100 participants from various countries and professional fields.

The keynotes of the evening gave interesting insights on a variety of topics including professional challenges, career opportunities, practical tips for adapting to local life, and strategies for managing cultural differences.

MeetUp SH

Attendees seized the opportunity to exchange contact information, share professional experiences, discuss potential collaborations and make new friends. The informal setting facilitated meaningful conversations and the establishment of a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

The hosts - thanks to Francis Kremer & Navin Houssin – are planning to hold similar events in the future, building upon the success of this event.

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From The First China Flexpat MeetUp 2023-06-14
Dirk Mueller, VBU Partner Shanghai


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